Ashbourne Running Club

Highland Gathering Hill Race - 20 July 2008


A mighty effort by Club members, assisted by many friends and relations, resulted in an excellent race with 59 runners which included fifteen of our members.

Martin Stocks was a hard fought 5th – first Local Man – along with an equally feisty Caren Coonan, 10th and First Local Lady.

Also racing :- Ian Millward, Howard Winbow, Tim Saul, Alasdair Duncan, Andrew Lee, Gabriel Hutchings, David Patrick, Richard Broadhead, John Bembridge, Steven Tooms, Liz Godfrey, Wilf Allan and Rosemary Britton.

Many thanks to our main organisers, John Hammond and Wilf Allen, who worked unbelievably hard to stage the race, overcoming numerous problems and last minutes hitches.
Pos Name Class Time Comment
5 Martin Stocks MV 28.3 1st Local Man
10 Caron Coonan 30.32 1st Local Woman
11 Ian Millward MV 30.48  
14 Howard Winbow MV 31.27  
18 Alasdair Duncan MV 31.42  
19 Andrew Lee 31.44  
25 David Patrick MV 33.13  
31 John Bembridge MV 34.28  
33 Steven Tooms MV 34.48  
34 Liz Godfrey FV 34.5 1st Woman Vet
35 Wilf Allan MV 35.22  
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