Ashbourne Running Club

2009 Club Race Championship



  1. To promote a friendly competitive culture within the established race entrants in the club.
  2. To encourage inexperienced race entrants to start racing or race more regularly


  1. Mens Open
  2. Ladies Open
  3. Mens Novice (see rule 7 for definition of Novice)
  4. Ladies Novice (see rule 7 for definition of Novice)
  5. Mens Veteran (over 50yrs – see rule 9)
  6. Ladies Veteran (over 50yrs – see rule 9)


  1. Each competitor must be a paid-up member of Ashbourne Running Club before their first scoring event.  Scores will not be added retrospectively, if membership commences part way through the Championship.
  2. Providing rule 1 has been met, points will be automatically added into the championship standings for any club members running the nominated races.  Please enter races under the club name, particularly as it entitles the runner to a £2.00 discount on the entry fee compared to unattached runners in most races. 
  3. The championship will be per calendar year, e.g. 2009, and include all nominated races for that year.
  4. The championship consists of 12 races; the 7 highest scores for each competitor will count towards their overall score.
  5. The first finisher in each of the Six categories  (Mens open, Ladies Open, Mens Novice, Ladies Novice, Mens Veteran and Ladies Veteran) will score 25 points, the second finisher 24 points, etc…..
  6. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the 8th highest score will be taken into account as a tiebreaker.  If only 1 competitor has an eighth score, then that person will be declared the higher position.  If this still results in a tie, the same process will applied to their 9th, 10th, 11th and if necessary 12th scores.
  7. To be eligible to compete in the Novice category the following criteria must be met: -

    The individual must not have completed any more than 15 races at the start of the calendar year, in the previous 5 calendar years. (This is to allow a newcomer to racing to have a chance of two full attempts at the novice championship).

    It is the competitor’s responsibility to inform the Championship Administrator if they are eligible for the Novice Championship.  If not informed otherwise, points will automatically be added to the Open Championship.  Please be honest when you have completed 15 races, it is only fair to your fellow competitors.

    It is the Ashbourne Running Club Committee’s intention to rely on the individual’s honesty when declaring themselves eligible for the Novice Championships.  However, they reserve the right to transfer a runner to the Open Championship if they believe they are not entering into the spirit of the Novice class rules.
  8. The winners of the two Novice Championships will automatically be promoted to the Open Championships for subsequent years.
  9. To be eligible for the Veteran Classes competitors must be aged 50 years BEFORE 1st January 2009.
  10. Whilst every effort will be made by the Championship Administrator to ensure accuracy of scoring, it is each individual’s responsibility to ensure they have been scored correctly.  For the 2009 Championship the Administrator is Ian Millward.

2009 Championship Races

Cheadle 5 Mile  (1st March)

Derby 10k  (19th April) , pre- entry required, pre- entry required

Golden Gate 10k (Chatsworth)  (31st May) - New Race, pre- entry required

Calton Fell Race (23rd June)  - New Race

Parwich Hill Race  (30th June)

JCB 5 Mile  (16th July)

Ashbourne Highland Gathering Hill Race  (19th July)

Belper Rugby Rover 30k  (16th August), pre- entry required

Ashbourne Half Marathon or Ashbourne Fun Run  (13th September)

Merrill 10k  (11th October) - TBC, pre- entry required

Dovedale Dash  (1st November)

Cheddleton 10k  (28th November) - TBC


Where dates are not Definite (TBC), they will be confirmed when known.


For the 2011 Season


After 3 years, all winners from the Open Championship (including the first 3 years from 2008 onwards) will be promoted to an Elite class.  This will mean that the Open Championships should be won by different runners each year.