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Latest - 24 September 2018

The new Chelmorton Chase was on Sunday, results as follows:


Week before was the Stanage Struggle


and in the week before that, the Ilam Fell Race


The current standings are as follows:

Standings (lowest score wins)

Name Counting Events Score
James McMurtry 7 157
Keith Morgan 7 229
Dave Patrick 7 269
Emily Sanders 7 342
Katie Busfield 6 209
Harvey Murray-Smith 6 543
Jacqui Murray-Smith 6 584
Howard Winbow 5 238
Malcolm Busfield 5 241
Richard Broadhead 5 400
Andy Lee 4 129
Will Maskery 4 205
Simon Harrison 3 66
Gabriel Hutchings 3 94
Richard Bradbury 3 104
Katie O'Donohue 3 218
Liz Wilson 2 92
Andy Williams 2 103
Alasdair Duncan 2 104
Andy Zwolinski 2 132
Steve Tooms 2 160
Kate Tilsley 2 167
Rob Saxton 2 173
Chris Patterson 1 5
Lee Ratcliffe 1 22
Jack Porteous 1 33
Andy Lynch 1 40
Glenn Hughes 1 67
Grace Grocott 1 73
Lorraine Eaton 1 79
Craig Carroll 1 85
Louise Maskery 1 91

Full stats here:


29 August 2018

New Race Chelmorton Chase (BS) has been added to the short list which is on 23rd September

A few races since the last update - apologies but holidays have got in the way.


Run in reverse this year which removed the queue at the Styles and I thought it was a better route. Some photos here


Results here


Holme Moss


Parwich Panoramic

A great race and apparently you're not allowed to count kids results as your own!


Rickys Race


Salt Cellar


Crowden Horseshoe


Barrel Inn

A short medium but it makes up for it with a 2km hill at the start.


12 July 2018

Warslow Beer Festival - 1900 ft of ascent over 10K, was a bit of a beast


Black Busfield Rocks - Malc managed to run all the way round this year, demons banished!


Calton results are in


28th June 2018

Calver Peak, Calton and Passing Clouds have all been since the last update, results are as follows:

Calver: http://fellrunner.org.uk/results.php?id=4959

Calton: Still waiting...

Passing Clouds: http://fellrunner.org.uk/results/race18/Passing-Clouds.pdf

21st May 2018

The Kong Mini Mountain Marathon was on Saturday, a lovely night, results as follows:


24th April 2018

We have started the championship! Wirksworth Incline on sunday, results as follows:


5th March 2018

First race of the season is Wolf's Pit on 18th March, see the Calendar for more details


We have a Novice Championship this year based on Short and Medium races only. See the Information in the download below.


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