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During the lockdowns we looked at ways of sharing our usual Tuesday night routes with you. We decided to use the MapRun6 app which allows you to run these routes at any time whilst using your smart phone to record progress around a number of checkpoints.

Using the MapRun6 app on your phone allows you to select one of our routes from a list. Downloading this gives you a map on the phone showing all the checkpoints on that route. You can also choose but its not essential to print out a map. You can then run whenever you like, night or day, however many times you like. Perhaps post some photos on our Facebook page too and let us know how you get on.

All the details of how to get started are further down the page. However if you're already familiar with MapRun and are ready to run, here are the routes we've got with links to printable maps if you want to look at the routes in advance of your run or run with a printed map. The printable maps show a suggested route in red between the checkpoints but you are free to choose your own route as long as you hit the checkpoints in numerical order.

Route 1 - start and finish at Leisure Centre only. Anti-clockwise: Shires estate, Derby Hill, Greenway, Belle Vue plus hubs for the B Group.

A Group Route 1

B Group Route 1 Medium

B Group Route 1 Longest

Route 2 - start and finish at any one checkpoint on the route. Clockwise: Shires estate, Prestons, QEGS plus hubs for the B Group.

A Group Route 2 Start Anywhere

B Group Route 2 Medium Start Anywhere

Route 3 - start and finish at any one checkpoint on the route. Clockwise: Hanging Bridge, Market Place, Green Road, Leisure Centre.

A Group Route 3 Start Anywhere

Runuary Snelston - a 5.5 mile route that we created for Runuary 2021 starting and finishing at Waterside Park and going out to Clifton & Snelston. Its on the lanes so safest run in daylight!

Runuary Snelston

New to MapRun?

We’ve taken some of our existing running routes around Ashbourne and loaded them into the app. These are in the format of the A Group and B Group runs we started in late 2019. A Group routes are typically 4 to 5 miles and the B Group routes up to 9 miles if all the “hub” options are run. To give a distance inbetween, we’ve also created a medium B Group route that only use some of the hubs for a 6 to 7 mile option.

The GPS location of each checkpoint is pre-loaded onto your phone. Then once you get within approximately 10m of the checkpoint your device will detect it with a beep, update the display with the latest checkpoint number and off you go to the next checkpoint. At the end all your route details can be downloaded.

The free app you need for this is called MapRun6 and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play App Stores. Then:

  1. Start the App, read and accept the terms and conditions then tap “Name” and register your details. Put "Ashbourne RC" as Club or Team.
  2. Go to "Select Event", then “UK” Folder, then “Derbyshire” folder, then “Ashbourne RC” folder, then select an event.
  3. Downloading the course should then start and can take several seconds. On the main screen you should then see the course name displayed below “Select Event”.
  4. You’re now ready to run. Make sure your phone battery is fully charged!
  5. The map on your phone is sufficient to navigate by but you can also download and print one from the links above if you prefer paper.
  6. For a preview of the route, tap “Go to Start” on the screen and you'll see the map with the numbered checkpoints marked on it, connected by "as the crows flies" straight lines.
  7. Some routes start and finish at the Leisure Centre but if “Start Anywhere” is in the title of the route you can start at any checkpoint on that route, then do the run from there ticking off the checkpoints in increasing number order until you return to your original starting point which the app will recognise as your finish. All routes have a checkpoint at the Leisure Centre so even if you decide to start at another checkpoint make sure you collect the Leisure Centre checkpoint on your way through.
  8. Tap "Go to Start" when you arrive outside the Leisure Centre or at your selected checkpoint for a “Start Anywhere” route. Your phone will beep when it detects the start point, the timer is started and you can start running.
  9. The aim of the event is to visit all the checkpoints in ascending number order.
  10. The GPS on your smartphone registers when you are at each checkpoint. Your will hear a beep and vibrate signal.
  11. When your phone beeps / vibrates , move onto the next numbered checkpoint on the map and repeat until finished.
  12. At the finish, your phone beeps and then will show that you have completed the course.
  13. Once you've finished, tap “Show Results” to see your time, compare your time with others or with your own result from previous attempts.

The routes will take you through the centre of town and across main roads so it might be better to choose a quieter time of day for your run when there's less traffic and fewer pedestrians about. Although this event is organised by the club, please be aware that our England Athletics third party insurance does not apply as you are running as individuals at your own risk, not on a supervised club group run.

If you have a Garmin watch you can download routes to, then you can download MapRunG to the watch and just run with your watch rather than your phone. To do this get the MapRun6 app as described above and then follow these instructions MapRunG

A number of club members have been successfully using MapRunF and MapRunG for a while now. If you experience problems please check these links for advice:

Quick Guide

Phone Settings & Troubleshooting

If these don’t sort it out for you then please contact us at events@ashbournerunningclub.org.uk and we'll do our best to get you back up and running.