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Club Welfare Officer - Liz Wilson

The Policies as outlined in UK Athletics Procedural Document dated January 2005 will be adopted by the Club, members to endorse and subscribe to the principles and responsibilities embodied therein.

Role of the Welfare Officer

  • Contact point for UK Athletics regarding Welfare/Child (ie anyone under the age of 18 years) protection issues
  • To receive, interpret, communicate and police Welfare principles of UK Athletics
  • Point of Reference for Club Members re Welfare Issues be it advisory or matters of concern

Club Policy/Code of Conduct

All members to adopt the principle that everybody within the Club (particularly those under age 18) should be secure and protected from abuse, maltreatment, discrimination or misconduct and to accept that each has a right to equality regardless of age, sex, race, religious or social background. The Club and its members have the responsibility to ensure that all vulnerable individuals are afforded the highest standard of care, adopting and promoting good practice for their protection. Club members to safeguard themselves from the possibility of false allegations and should conduct themselves accordingly.

As a small informal club to accept that members have varying aspirations/reasons for membership. Whilst members should be supported/encouraged to achieve ambitions they should never be pressurised to perform at a level at which they are personally uncomfortable.

Read the Code of Conduct for more details


Any allegations or suspicions of abuse/misconduct to be taken seriously and acted upon appropriately and speedily in accordance with the guidelines set out in the UK Athletics Welfare Policy and Procedures Guide.

Members must:

  • Consistently display high standards of personal behaviour.
  • Remember that someone else might misinterpret their actions, no matter how well intentioned.
  • Report any accidental injury, distress, misunderstanding or misinterpretation to a Committee member.
  • Members should not personally advise potential/or existing members re Health issues (ie suitability to run with medical condition) – we are not qualified to deliver such advice - individuals to be encouraged to direct such enquiries to their Medical Practitioner. (Recommendation to be included in Membership Application form.)
  • Report any suspicions of misconduct by others to Welfare Officer plus one other Committee member.
  • Avoid transporting a child alone in your car.
  • Not spend time alone with a child unless clearly in the view of others.
  • Adopt safe training activities appropriate to the age and capacity of the individual/ child.
  • At the outset to clarify with the child (and/or parents depending upon age) exactly what they expect from the Club and what is expected of them.Photographs, videos or other images not to be taken of children without the consent of the child/parents.